Compact cell QUIROX QR-MC 1.2 M

The compact QIROX QR-290 cell is a “Ready to weld” system that has a workpiece positioner with 2 stations with vertical exchange and vertical rotation. Using the rotary axis, the station rotates from the loading area to the robot within three seconds. There is a glare shield between the two stations. While welding takes place in one station, the other station can be loaded. All robot and positioner axes are fully synchronized. This provides excellent welding results, shortens the secondary processing time and enormously speeds up the whole process.


Load capacity 125 kg
Clamping options 1250 / 1500 / 1750 / 2000 mm
Turning radius 400 mm
Torque 250 Nm
Tipping point 950 Nm
Pivotal moment 1000 Nm
Moment of inertia 40 kgm2
Rotation speed 120°/s
Cycle time 3s 180°
Loading height 925 mm
Max. component size / Clamping plate Ø 800 x 1250 mm
Dimensions 2000 x 2830 x 2165 mm
Total weight max. 1250 kg