ZŠ Přibyslav – Malta 2018

Also this year we supported language education of our new generation. Pribyslav elementary school pupils had the opportunuty to attend a language course abroad. Director Petr Adam wrote about the expedition:

Language Malta 2018

This year, 10 pupils from the Přibyslav Elementary School went on a week-long language course in Malta. This year the requirements for inclusion in the report were one degree higher than last year (the condition was the successful completion of the A2 Key certified exams, formerly known as Cambridge English: Key (KET).

And how was the week’s stay? The group met on Saturday at 9 am at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, underwent a check-in procedure and shortly after eleven took off for a week’s adventure. Upon arrival, everything worked like butter. A delegate from the Gateway School of English (GSE) was waiting for us and took us to the residence at the school where we were staying all week. We were lucky, because that day fell on the first Saturday of October and it is connected with the NOTTE BIANCA festival. All sights, state buildings and historical buildings are open and accessible until midnight that day in Valletta. In every square, even the smallest, there are various music or theater productions. Of course, we accepted the offer and went to Valletta. It was a great experience and a nice start to the week in the Maltese islands. The following day, the only one without English lessons at school, was filled with a day-long sightseeing tour of the islands of Gozo and Camino, associated with a visit to the medieval citadel in Victoria and a swim in the romantic Blue Lagoon.

Since Monday, the program has been half-filled by attending a language course. Based on placement tests, our pupils were divided into several groups together with other participants. This very nicely eliminated the possibility of using Czech and everything began to happen only in English. In their groups, they had “classmates” from all over the world – from exotic Venezuela to Japan, Russia, France and Turkey. Anyway, a great experience.

The afternoon program was filled with common activities that we tried not to get tired of the pupils (the school was the main one), but at the same time we wanted to make sure they knew something and enjoyed the week. So besides the moments spent on the beach – the weather wished us all week and prepared for us a nice 25 ° C (water one degree cooler), we went on foot trips to Sliema (we lived in San Ġwann), by local transport to the former capital Malta Mdina with a tour of the suburb called Rabat, where we visited the catacombs of St. Paul. Perhaps the most appreciated trip was a trip to Popeye Village (Sweethaven Village). It is a de facto town created by filmmakers to make a musical about Popeye (1980). This trip was also connected with swimming in the bay just below the town.

And the result? At the end of the course, pupils passed school tests with a very motivating result. According to school tests, language skills correspond to C1 level in two cases, B2 level in three cases and B1 level in 5 cases. But the main result is happy pupils committed to working on themselves and expanding their horizons not only in the field of English.

This project would not be feasible without Tento projekt by nebyl realizovatelný bez significant financial support from SC Metal, s.r.o. Thanks to this support we can create such conditions for participation in the project that it is available to every pupil of our school. We also thank the Foundation for its work at the school.

for enthusiastic pupils and pedagogical accompaniment Petr Adam